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Want to know why some homes sit on the market for months or even years?…

Why they sell for tens of thousands of dollars LESS than similar homes on their block?…

More importantly, want to know how to NOT become one of them?…

If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, then you NEED to take advantage of my Strategic Home Audit!…

 A Strategic Home Audit will reveal valuable insight that many home sellers DO NOT and, sometimes, CANNOT find on their own! In addition, what you find out from the Audit may increase the sale price on your home AND decrease time on the market dramatically!

…Many Homeowners are NOT able to find out much of this information on their own because:

1)  They are not able to look at their home and market conditions objectively

2)They are not “in the market” and do not understand how to capitalize on current trends that change day by day

3)They may not understand what’s going on inside today’s home buyer’s mind, which is extremely crucial

This is just the basis for why the Strategic Home Audit is valuable to most homeowners, but it will also reveal:

-Simple ways to get more from the sale of your home!

-How to position your home to compete with others and sell 1st!

-How to target buyers in YOUR area that are most likely to buy your property for the most money!

Fill out the form below and I’ll get in contact with you right away to schedule your Strategic Home Audit. The Strategic Home Audit is a process I ONLY offer clients to show them what they can do to position their home to sell for top dollar and in the shortest amount of time!

This was previously only available to current clients, but I’m now offering to help people in the area thinking about selling their home. There is NO COST and NO OBLIGATION. I know the economy is bad and getting every dime you can from your home is more important then ever!

Selling a Home in today’s market takes the right information and tactics. Find out what today’s Buyer is looking for and what they are thinking. Not knowing this information WILL cost you dearly.

Whether you are looking for the right listing agent/listing broker, or selling a home yourself you NEED to know the information I’m going to share with you!!


Simply FILL OUT THE FORM below and I’ll contact you ASAP!…

PSThis is NOT an “in home sales pitch”, OR an attempt to pressure you to list your home with me. It is designed to tell you what can best maximize YOUR profits and sell your home faster! I HATE people that try to “sell” me too so please don’t worry. There is truly NO COST and NO PRESSURE, I promise!

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For those who ARE looking to list their homes, please FILL OUT THE FORM ABOVE or Call Me NOW! The market is NOT getting much better so take advantage of the time you have. I also offer the following services to my clients:

Homeowners that decide to hire me as their listing agent will receive the following services:

-Analyze trends to determine the market value of your home in today’s market

“Position your home to sell faster and for more $$!”

-Prepare your home BEFORE we list it to maximize buyer interest and put more $$ in your pocket

“Learn the tricks of the trade that really pay!”

-Use a Custom Marketing Plan to market the home effectively to the RIGHT Buyers for your home


“An escape from the “cookie-cutter” approach!”

-Keep you updated on what YOUR market is doing weekly to give us a competitive advantage

“Know what progress has been made and be informed”

-Handle the process once you receive an offer. I’ll help you understand the benefits and possible pitfalls you NEED to be aware of. This gives you the peace of mind you need during such a critical time.

“Keeping you from making mistakes that cost you big!”

-Co-ordinate the inspection, showing, appraisal, and title process to make sure the transaction is running smoothly and gets to closing so you can get your check!!

“Make sure nothing gets in the way of your Payday!”