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Here’s a list of Top Lender’s websites where their Loan Modification and/or short sale information and forms can be filled in or downloaded. If you don’t see your lender here email or call us and we’ll be glad to help you find what you need.

Please also keep in mind that some lenders don’t have company specific forms and generic forms can be used. Contact us and we can also supply those if you need…

Wells Fargo– Payment Help, Phone   (800) 678-7986

Wachovia– Loan Assistance, Phone (866) 975-1814 or (866) 642-9405

Bank of America/Countrywide – Home owner Assistance, Phone (866) 880-1232

Chase/WAMU–  Mortgage Help, Phone (866) 550-7505

Citi Mortgage– Home Help, Phone (866) 520-5499

Suntrust Mortgage– Home owner Help, (800) 443-1032

Homeq– Home Help, Phone (800) 795-5125

Litton Loans– Default Counseling Dept, Phone (800) 999-8501

Indymac/OneWest Bank– Indymac, Phone (800) 781-7399    OneWest, Phone (800) 750-8521

Aurora Loan Services– Home Retention, Phone (866) 521-3828

American Home Mortgage Servicing– Home Retention Team, Phone (877) 304-3100

GMAC– Home owner Help, Phone (800) 850-4622