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Buying A Home

Let us help you do your homework before purchasing a property. Get the assistance of a real estate professional BEFORE you make your next home purchase.

We know that buying a property is the biggest purchase most people ever make. We also know that making sure the process is smooth and seamless and free of mistakes is crucial when buying a home. We’ve helped many families buy and sell homes over the years and realize the challenges and pitfalls that buyers face in today’s market. Navigating the purchase of any home and especially short sale and foreclosure properties, which make up much of our market today, takes skilled knowledgeable Realtors that take the time to help their clients understand any potential risks when purchasing.

Broward Mortgage Credit Certificate Program

Our team has successfully helped many 1st time and ‘many time’ home buyers purchase properties. Many of our clients were so thrilled with our service that they even took the time to give us a video testimonial or review online. You can see some of them HERE.

We take client satisfaction very seriously (we’re almost fanatical about it actually) and want to be sure that each of our clients get the attention and service they deserve during their time working with us.

To give you an idea of what we do for our clients here’s a few of the services home buyers will receive from our team:

  • Determining the best type of property to suit your needs. “We’ll help you find a home that fits your lifestyle and budget”
  • Assisting you in determining the best financing options. “Helping you keep money where it belongs…in your pocket”
  • Locating target properties in the areas you desire. “Tell us where you’re looking and we’ll scour the market to find it”
  • Negotiating and structuring your offer to get you the most for your money. “Buy the most home for your money!!”
  • Coordinate the inspection, appraisal, and closing process resulting in a smooth transition from contract to closing. “Helping you to relax while we handle the details!”

Feel free to contact us anytime and let us help you take advantage of our years of experience helping families just like you. We would love to speak with you and see if working together would be a good fit. Simply call us at (754) 227-2258 or click the button below and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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