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About Us

I’m a native Floridian that was born and raised right here in Broward county. I know the schools and communities first hand which gives me a pretty good edge in the real estate industry here.

When it comes to business and dealing with client’s I take what I do very seriously. I keep meeting my client’s needs as my primary focus. With that said, I’m pretty laid back as well. I make sure I do my job to the best of my abilities, but try not to take myself to seriously in the process. For the most part I seem to become friends with many of my past clients, and keep in touch over the years. I really do care about looking out for their best interest and I guess it shows.

When it comes to handling  short sales for homeowners that is something that can effect them for years  down the road. I’ve seen the results of people taking advantage of people in these types of situations and make it my goal to be someone my clients can trust.

I do my best to live my life according to the bible and what Jesus taught us so I can please Him and also be a better person to my family, friends, and also in business. That’s the most important part of my life and hopefully it’s helped me impact people in a positive way thus far.

Dustin Miller